The Other Dating Scene: African American Women Trying to Find A Good Black Man

This is a show about African American romantic relationships between men and women. You’ll hear stories from women about their experiences of romantic intimacy with men. The stories represent the hope, the frustration, and the sadness that Black women feel about their romantic relationships with Black men.

We will also listen to excerpts from a recently aired Oprah Winfrey Show which explored the dynamics involved in mating between men and women. Striking in the lack of representation of any perspective from Asian American and Latino women about finding a mate, the show, as many shows in mainstream world of media do, neglected another America–that of non-white women. Although there was slightly more representation given to African American women on the show–by Oprah Winfrey, for instance, and a woman who spoke for less than a minute about the importance of the first kiss to the relationship–the unique issues dealt with by African Americans in their romantic relationships– which are argued to be tied to a unique history of their experience the United States–was not brought up at all.

2 thoughts on “The Other Dating Scene: African American Women Trying to Find A Good Black Man

  1. I just look forward to the day when Black men are putting this much energy into figuring out how to repair our relationships. Where are the blogs by brothers about “what black women need”? It’s so frustrating to feel like we have to work this hard to keep our men around…when there is no visible effort on their part to keep US around. They don’t seem to care if we all just go away. It hurts. And somehow, I’m supposed to suck up that pain and just keep on working to figure out how to please black men. It’s humiliating. I feel like I’m constantly taking hits for the sake of the community. It would all feel worth it if I ever ever ever heard Black men say that they even WANT us to do this. Do they WANT to be with us? I mean really. Is this – – this effort, these tears, these conversations, this interview, this blog – – is it all in vein?!?! And please, Sisters, don’t answer me with comforting notions about what Black men feel. I have to hear it FROM THEM. I’m sorry, but that’s not too much to ask. It’s just not.

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