The Other Dating Scene: African American Women Trying to Find A Good Black Man

This is a show about African American romantic relationships between men and women. You’ll hear stories from women about their experiences of romantic intimacy with men. The stories represent the hope, the frustration, and the sadness that Black women feel about their romantic relationships with Black men.

We will also listen to excerpts from a recently aired Oprah Winfrey Show which explored the dynamics involved in mating between men and women. Striking in the lack of representation of any perspective from Asian American and Latino women about finding a mate, the show, as many shows in mainstream world of media do, neglected another America–that of non-white women. Although there was slightly more representation given to African American women on the show–by Oprah Winfrey, for instance, and a woman who spoke for less than a minute about the importance of the first kiss to the relationship–the unique issues dealt with by African Americans in their romantic relationships– which are argued to be tied to a unique history of their experience the United States–was not brought up at all.

Interview with Sister Nefertari about what African American Men Need from African American Women

Sister Nefertari, in an interview for WPEB Radio (88.1 FM) Radio in Philadelphia, shares her views on what African American men need from African American women. She urges women, for instance, to give African American men space when they ask for it, to allow them to stand up for themselves, their family, and their community when they wish, and to listen more than comment when they are expressing themselves about some of the challenges they are facing.

Sister Nefertari hosts the radio show, “Khildren of Southampton” on WURD Radio (900 AM) in Philadlephia on Sunday nights from 7 pm until 8pm. She is the organizer of The Nat Turner Day Weekend Celebration’s “The Return of Black Manhood” Conference. For more information about this event, please visit the website,, or contact The Khildren of Southampton by phone or email at: 888-817-3235, 215-990-8672, or

Selections from this interview will be aired on WPEB Radio as part of a special broadcast of sBADAwEB aUDIO’s “The Other America Files” dealing with African American Male and Female Relationships. sBADAwEB aUDIO’s “The Other America Files” can be heard every Sunday night from 8pm to 9pm, on WPEB Radio, (88.1 FM).

The Other Detroit.

An audio tour of Detroit’s other culture. This piece offers listeners a perspective on Detroit that is not often discussed in mainstream media. Learn about: hip hop in Detroit’s Mexican Town, the new dance craze in Detroit called “jitting,” which grew out of its ghetto tech scene, the graffiti scene in Detroit, and a Detroit Friday night Christian hip hop open mic. All of the above are examples of the creative life blood of Detroit that is making beauty in the midst of the economic depression burdening the city.

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